GOBRANDING’s SEO keyword service inherits the knowledge, experience, tools and professional project management methods  from Japanese investors and the world’s leading prestigious experts on Search Engine at SEMrush to apply effectively on SEO projects.


GOBRANDING’s SEO keyword service helps your business:


Continuously attracting new potential customers to actively find your company through Google.

Implementing Marketing Online activities more effectively and sustainably.

Increasing conversion rate helps to optimize Marketing budget and ensure profit.

In Vietnam


market share of the search belongs to Google


users will click on the first 10 natural display positions


users seek information before buying

Dịch vụ SEO GOBRANDING sẽ giúp bạn khai thác tối đa nguồn khách hàng trên Google

Dịch vụ SEO dựa trên nhu cầu tìm kiếm

Professional SEO is based on the needs of searchers.

With other forms of advertising such as Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, Email Marketing…, it is imperative that customers see your ads even though they do not have demand.

Particularly with Google Search, users actively type keywords that show their search needs. And they feel they have the right to choose what they want to see. Through our SEO keyword service , you will choose the right set of keywords for your website SEO, as well as your business can reach exactly target audience, increase brand awareness. Thereby helping you to continuously attract new potential customers, build a sustainable brand.

SEO is a highly effective and sustainable Online Marketing solution.

With cost-per-click (CPC) ads or other internet marketing services such as Google Ads, you pay advertisers directly and must accept frequent variations in bids from time to time during everyday. Particularly with GOBRANDING’s SEO services , you are no longer pressured by the obsession of continuously increasing bid prices, because this is an investment that remains unchanged throughout the project.

If you stop doing SEO, the website won’t drop by itself. Only when your competitor’s website is stronger, will they push yours down!

We provide SEO services to help your website become better and better and internal resources are constantly increasing. All values ​​of SEO are steadily accumulated with the existence and development of the website. Therefore, SEO strategy is always associated with the  company’s long-term Online Marketing strategy.

Dịch vụ SEO bền vững
Dịch vụ SEO giúp tăng tỷ lệ chuyển đổi

Key #1: Conversion rate.

Are you spending a lot of money to find ways to increase access to the website? However, many people are busy racing for traffic and forget the more important thing: conversion rate.

Have you ever measured how many visits a website has, how many clicks and how many contacts? GOBRANDING’s SEO services always focus on providing effective solutions that really help increase conversion rate, instead of focusing on traffic that has no value.

“With the same money, let’s invest smarter.”

Khiến khách hàng nhìn thấy sản phẩm, dịch vụ của bạn trước hàng ngàn website khác!


The first SEO service company in Vietnam invested from Japan

Nhà đầu tư Nhật Bản của GOBRANDING - Allgrow Labo

Experts in Japan with more than 17 years of experience in the field of SEO & Digital Marketing, have continuously invested in GOBRANDING’s SEO services for over 7 years, contributing to creating a reputable and quality SEO service.

SEMrush’s general distribution agent in Vietnam market

Chuyên gia search engine Semrush

The world’s leading experts on Search Engine (search engine) gather at SEMrush, including many experts working at Google.

GOBRANDING is inherited from Japanese SEO and SEMrush experts.

SEO knowledge

Having in-depth knowledge of SEO and constantly updating according to the Google algorithm situation.

SEO experience

Having experience in implementing effective SEO services for multiple industries.

SEO method

Having SEO project implementation method that is international standard professional.

SEO support tools

Appling the remarkable power of the SEMrush toolkit to SEO project management.

Công cụ hỗ trợ seo marketing SEMrush

dịch vụ SEO từ khóa uy tín được đầu tư từ Nhật Bản

Process of professional SEO keyword service at GOBRANDING

VIP SEO service for your entire website with a highly specialized team!

dịch vụ seo tại tphcm uy tín Tối ưu tổng thể website (on-site)

Overall website optimization (on-site SEO)


  • Onsite optimization, also known as website audit, is editing jobs that make website more friendly to search engines. Some serious onsite errors can affect entire keywords of website. GOBRANDING’s SEO service will:
  • Analyze and evaluate the overall website whether following SEO standard or not (based on the checklist of 24 factors).
  • Analyze competitors, make recommendations and optimize overall website (overall website SEO).
  • Track and check the changes of the algorithm to promptly optimize the overall website.
Tối ưu trang đích dịch vụ seo tại tphcm uy tín (on-page)

Landing page optimization (SEO on-page)


Landing page optimization is an extremely important stage of SEO keyword services, determining standard SEO level, customer experience on landing page, and conversion rate for SEO keyword.

  • Analyze and evaluate to choose the appropriate landing page.
  • Make recommendations and implement landing page optimization.
  • Monitor and adjust landing page optimization and ensure that it is both for sale and complies with the requirements of Google algorithm.
dịch vụ seo tại tphcm uy tín Tối ưu nội dung website (on-site)

Website content Optimization (SEO content)


In addition to landing page optimization, SEO Content helps to standardize other important content to increase overall strength of website.

  • Review, check and reevaluate important content available on website.
  • Take a closer look at products and industry trends to optimize quality content on website according to Google standards and increase traffic with content that is truly valuable to your customers.
  • Track the conversion rate of important content to have a plan to improve the efficiency of SEO services .
dịch vụ seo tại tphcm uy tín Tối ưu bên ngoài website (off-page)

Outside sites optimization (SEO off-page)


SEO Offpage – Build quality backlinks, help to brand your company and promote website to customers, help customers access landing page through link.

  • Analyze competitors (keywords, links, resources…).
  • Plan and build resources with enough quality and quantity of for website.
  • Create website links to increase strength, reputation, and ranks of website and landing page.
dịch vụ seo tại tphcm uy tín Tối ưu bên ngoài website (off-page)

Monitor continuously, keep the rankings


After rank of keyword on the first page of Google, GOBRANDING’s top Google SEO service always follows the ranking situation every day to maintain the keyword position in the Top 10 and continuously push keywords to higher positions.

  • Track, analyze, update continuously to improve keyword rankings. Check the changes of the algorithm to promptly optimize the items inside and outside website.
  • Evaluate periodically to further advise customers on solutions to develop website faster and more sustainably. 
  • When the website is under negative impacts from outside, GOBRANDING will notify customers for the coordination between the two sides to prevent risks in time.
  • Make recommendations when website is inadvertently violated  webmaster guidelines  from Google by customer.

GOBRANDING is committed to complying with the principles


The honesty lies in consulting SEO services on the right demand, in accordance with the individual products/services of each customer instead of the fancy, unclear advertisements. 


Black hat SEO goes fast on the first page, but easy to get penalized by GoogleAnd doing SEO safely takes more time but is always a reliable place for you to entrust your website.


It will be difficult to have a stable number of customers accessing the website if keyword goes up and then falls. Therefore, you should choose a sustainable website SEO service to secure long-term sales.

What is special about GOBRANDING’s SEO keyword service?

Refund mechanism commits benefits to customers.

Experienced professionals consult SEO successfully in many fields. 

Inheriting over 17 years SEO experience of Japanese experts and international Search Engine experts of SEMrush.

Efficiently apply the rigorous Japanese project development process and SEMrush tool to SEO project management.

Optimizing the landing page (on-page) for sales combined with the overall optimization (on-site), optimizing the existing content to improve the overall strength of the website.

The  profit-focused SEO service model is in the maintenance phase, so GOBRANDING always focuses on maintaining constant keyword rankings without neglecting at any time.

“We want to accompany you for a long time”

Successful customers with GOBRANDING

Reputable SEO services are trusted by more than 2.000 customers , more than 3.000 projects , many customers deploy SEO 2-3 websitesmany companies maintain SEO projects at GOBRANDING for many years.

dịch vụ seo chuyên nghiệp Nhật Bản

FAQs about SEO keyword service at GOBRANDING

How long does keyword SEO take to the top?

GOBRANDING's SEO service is committed to bringing keywords to the Top in 6 months. During this time period, the keywords can get to the Top early before the committed deadline or after 6 months depending on the keyword's competition and the website's internal resources. For keywords that have not been up after 6 months, GOBRANDING will continue to do SEO for 3 more months and will not charge additional SEO fees for these keywords.

What if after 3 months of SEO but the keyword is still not on the Top?

SEO is a long-term investment process. Website needs time to improve internal resources, increase quality score. If, after implementing SEO services for 3 more months, the keyword is still not on the Top, to ensure the highest benefit for customers, GOBRANDING will refund 3 months of SEO costs corresponding to the keywords that have not been on the Top.

Which keywords should I choose for SEO?

Our SEO services consultant will advise you in detail according to the principles:

- Prioritize keywords that focus on your focus product / service strategy.

- Prioritize keywords with competition in accordance with the internal resources of the webiste.

What will GOBRADING report to Me??

GOBRANDING will report the work volume completed on the website to you after each stage of implementing SEO services and report the project overview after 6 months. At the same time, GOBRANDING will report daily keyword rankings via automatic email system from project start-up to end.

Can I get a discount on multiple keywords at the same time?

With the price mechanism based on the number and difficulty of keywords at GOBRANDING, the more keywords you implement, the unit price per word on the same level will gradually decrease. See details of the keyword seo service price list at: SEO service quote

My keywords are in good position on page 2, page 3. So can SEO time be shortened?

If the keyword is ranking on page 2, page 3, then the competition is huge. And if the keywords get to the Top 6 months before, then you will soon be effective from your investment. However, the charging timelines are unchanged.

Please come and see us at the address

GOBRANDING’s office in Ho Chi Minh City:

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(See direction:

Branch: GOBRANDING Building, 177B Tran Van Dang, Ward 11, District 3, HCMC.

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Floor 7, Viet A building, No. 9 Duy Tan street, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.



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