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SEO website service owns more than 17 years of experience in Japan and Vietnam market. The reputable SEO experts of GOBRANDING will accompany the business in building, planning and executing website optimization with the search engine (Google) in a professional and sustainable manner.

 Why should businesses choose SEO Services in their long-term marketing strategy?

Website is a sustainable digital home

The development of many digital marketing platforms today such as social networks, mobile applications, videos, banners, makes the website increasingly important to be the hub for connecting and administering the following activities. multi-channel marketing.

Attract the right target audience

Applying tactics to draw customers to the website through analyzing the behavior and desires of potential customers. From there, analyzing, choosing suitable keywords and putting webiste on the first page of Google search results.

Increase sales opportunities for businesses

Understand the wants of potential customers, use word art to lead and increase interaction with customers, causing customers to increase their buying or placing orders. From there, helping businesses have more potential sales opportunities.

Increase brand awareness

Understand the diverse search behavior of your target audience, thereby creating a smart keyword strategy, appropriate content strategy and reaching the right time.

Improve customer confidence

With a content marketing strategy ( Content Marketing ), a comprehensive and consistent sales message with the overall marketing strategy, combined with the ability to reach regular customers, customer confidence with the business will increasingly.

Sales growth

Increase market access, increase sales opportunities, surpass competitors, build brand awareness, increase trust, make customers buy and buy many times, many products help sales increase above expectations.

Increase overall marketing efficiency

With multi-channel marketing strategies, businesses can gain a competitive advantage by incorporating other advertising platforms into the website such as social networks, display ads and other paid advertising. Now the website can be the channel to support or play a role of terminating transactions from other channels.

Long-term optimization of marketing costs

SEO activities are carried out on and around the website to help businesses accumulate customers, accumulate brand value, accumulate website quality for Google over time. From there, it helps businesses optimize costs, contributing to increasing competitive advantages.

Types of website SEO services at GOBRANDING

Using keyword SEO services, businesses are consulted and oriented to choose a set of keywords that match the product marketing strategy with current goals: promoting sales, developing brands, … In this set of keywords, the website will be optimized and increased in Google rankings.

SEO traffic services not only help businesses strengthen the content of young websites, but also help expand the target audience by creating valuable content for customers and helping customers to reach out. with content, which directly or indirectly drives your business.

Overall SEO service is a market-leading strategy, reaching most of the direct and indirect needs of customers through market analysis, competitor research, and SEO service implementation. with a large number of keywords in the industry.

Get advice on SEO strategy in accordance with website resources!

Overall process for effective and professional SEO service implementation

To deploy SEO services successfully depends on 20% of the need analysis and solution orientation stage in the initial consultation stage, so the SEO service process at GOBRANDING will cover from consultation to the end of the project.


Receive consulting solutions

GOBRANDING’s experts will work with you in identifying short and long-term goals with corresponding financial resources, technical responsiveness and interaction time from which to propose most effective SEO service implementation solution and roadmap.


Project analysis and optimization proposal

Conduct research and accurate analysis of the current state of the website in terms of content, structure, backlink and competitor assessment. From there, proposing in detail the website optimization plan according to the algorithm standards recommended by Google and the optimal coordination between GOBRANDING and the Customer.

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Optimized website

SEO services at GOBRANDING will help you optimize all the following 4 factors

 Onsite SEO : is the optimization of the elements right on your website, including all 24 elements that have been checked and ready for deployment.

 Onpage SEO: These are important optimizations for your landing page, which will be evaluated for matching, ensuring two goals: on top and selling.

 Content optimization: all existing content on the web will be reviewed in detail and optimized for recommendations. In particular, high-importance content will be tracked for conversions on a regular basis.

 Offpage SEO: Offpage are external elements that need to be built to increase the website’s accessibility to customers. GOBRANDING takes advantage of the available resources to create links to increase the strength of the website.

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Track and optimize to maintain good rankings

Website has been on the top but you cannot stop optimizing right there. Every day, Google and its competitors are always on the move. Google SEO services at GOBRANDING continuously monitor even when the website has reached the top. At the same time, provide periodic report data with the plan in cases where further optimization is needed.

The impressive numbers GOBRANDING has done


Website optimized Google standards


Keywords increase rankings


Customer Satisfaction


Website increases traffic

The client has successfully completed an SEO project with GOBRANDING

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Why should you choose GOBRANDING’s SEO service?


The first SEO unit in Vietnam has been heavily invested in by Japan for nearly 10 years.


Inheriting over 17 years of sustainable SEO experience from Japanese investors.


Bring a comprehensive online marketing solution, help customers proactively contact the company.


We aim to benefit our customers: increase traffic, increase sales opportunities, and increase conversion rates.


Building a separate SCRUM project implementation model for efficient project operation.


Being the official distributor of SEMrush in Vietnam – providing the world’s No. 1 digital marketing management platform.



Does GOBRANDING receive SEO for many websites in the same industry to encounter each other?

The end result is the most important thing and GOBRANDING always ensures that input projects do not collide and compete with each other, so in GOBRANDING's working process there is always a step to review the solution before sending it to the customer.

My website has no content, does GOBRANDING write articles for the website during SEO?

In terms of SEO services, GOBRANDING only writes content for landing pages corresponding to the SEO keyword. In addition, in the consulting process, if we find that the content on your website needs to be supplemented, we advise you to invest in content development or use Content Marketing services at GOBRANDING.

What information do I need to provide in the SEO process?

You must provide the website administrator account information, and the hosting admin account. In case you cannot provide hosting management information, you must perform optimal requests from GOBRANDING sent. In addition, you also need to coordinate to provide information about products and services to serve the content writing stage for the sales landing page.

How do we check the work GOBRANDING does?

During the project implementation, GOBRANDING will report the work completion in each optimization phase, automatically report the keyword ranking results every day and report the whole project every 6 months. Customers are given an account on GOBRANDING's exclusive "Project Administration" system to actively monitor, check, and quickly respond to their SEO projects.

Is SEO website at GOBRANDING safe?

GOBRANDING implemented the project in accordance with the strict Japanese process. Accompanied by commitments to ensure the benefits of customers. Customers are offered the refund mechanism for keywords that are not on the top. You can be completely assured of choosing SEO services at GOBRANDING to accompany the implementation of Online Marketing activities.

During contract implementation, how will I interact with GOBRANDING?

In addition to traditional interactive channels such as direct call via a desk number or meet in person at the GOBRANDING office. GOBRANDING prioritizes online interaction methods such as video calling and sending requests via the Support system to record transaction history and be processed most thoroughly.

How long does it take to implement an SEO project?

The time to implement the SEO project at GOBRANDING is within 1 year with a commitment that keywords will reach the top after 6 months. But usually from 3 months on, you can start to get results to the top of some keywords.

Dominate the Google front page with safe – sustainable – effective SEO services

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